What’s Zooming Stocks ?

What Does The Report Have?

So much noise.  In this era of the internet, there is even more noise.  Like everything else in life, one learns by doing.  One only learns to trade stocks effectively by actually trading in stocks.  Not just in good times or just in bad times, but through all the ups, downs, zigzags, zagzigs and sideways movements.  And that process takes years and perhaps even decades.  And who has decades to wait to learn something when ready quick profits are available daily?

The Zooming Stocks Report is not for everybody and it will probably not make sense to most people who have no experience in the market.  The sole goal of the report is to focus on only a handful of stocks in any given year.  By handful, we mean just a handful.  Even in the best of circumstances, there will not be more than 5-10 stocks in any given year that have the potential and ability to deliver 100% or more gains and allow proper trading tactics to be employed during their great runs.

The Zooming Stocks Report aims to catch only such stocks.  A sample from February 2018 attached.  The sample shows data for 1 stock.  Usually, there are less than 7-8 stocks per list and no more than 2-3 lists in any given year.  Price is based on a nominal $100 per stock pick.  If the goal is to limit oneself only to the best potential stock moves, the price turns out to be extremely inexpensive.  The market dictates the number of picks per report and the number of reports per year.  In a down year, the market will automatically limit the number of stocks per report as well as the number of reports per year.  Conversely, if many stocks and many reports are showing up, perhaps the market is indicating a strong uptrend.

Why You Need The Report?

  1. If you need blinders on to keep your focus on only a handful of potential fantastic moves in the market
  2. If you want to keep your ears and eyes shut to the tremendous amount of non-stop noise that goes on 24×7 in the stock market
  3. If you want to avoid losing
  4. If you want to take step by step approach and let the market direct your moves
  5. If you are having a hard time following what the market is telling us
  6. If you never ever want to take losses in the market
  7. If you want to put bigger commitments only behind stocks that have made a profit on an initial smaller test-buy


ZoomingStocks.com (02/2018)

Current Market Trend: Not Down?

Zooming Stocks On This Month’s Issue:

Stock Name/Symbol Industry
ECYT Biotech
LOXO Biotech

Data/Parameter Notes, Details, Things to pay attention to
Stock/Symbol/ ECYT = Endocyte
Industry BIOTECH
Current Price $6.00
Set-up Phase Data Length = 15 months
Hi/Lo = during the set-up phase high/low 300%
1st Eruption Data Date = 10/02/2017 = Breakaway!
Volume jumped = 150 x average weekly volume of the set-up phase.
Price Jump = 400% in one week on weekly closing basis.
2nd Eruption Data Watch for any breakout to new highs above $6 mark
Current basing notes Current base set-up started in October and lately many weeks of tight weekly closes have shown up.
Sisters MRTX
CHARTS: Do you see what I see? Please see the chart


Price/volume eruption as discussed!  New entry at any breakout above $6….

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